Braised Short Ribs In Red Wine Gravy

by Trans Chef

Lately I’ve been pretty busy due to the death of a coworker and sorting out some medical issues. So I’ve not had a ton of time to create and post new recipes on the site as much as I wished. I am sorry about this and I should be ramping up service again shortly.

In the mean time I thought I would start sharing some of the many test recipes I’ve worked on over the years with you guys. They are a bit ruff around the edges and the photos are just quick phone snaps. So please bear with me while I sort things out and get everything back on track! 🙂

The first recipe I’ll be sharing is my go to date night meal. Not only is this a wonderfully easy, inexpensive, flexible and impressive date night meal; it’s also is gluten free and you can easily be expanded to feed a crowd.

The name of the dish is “Braised Short Ribs In Red Wine Gravy”. I know some of you are thinking “Didn’t you just say inexpensive?”. While in this example I used short ribs you could really use any cut of beef that you would normally braise.

To get started making this dish the first thing we’ll do is prepare the ingredients for the sauce.

BTW, I included photos using a chuck roast as well. So you’ll have a better idea of the steps and cooking method.

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