Thai Inspired Chicken Sausage

by Trans Chef

Being from the south, sausage is a main stay in most homes. When I was growing up the majority of sausage was pork (or deer) based and contains a good bit of sage, fennel and often comes in both spicy and non-spicy. I don’t mean this was the only type of sausages sold in the south. It was just the most widely made, and used, in our circles. It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles, Ca in the late 1990s that I discovered the many wonderful types of sausages available from around the world. (I still have a fondness for Mexican chorizo tacos from the taco carts in LA!)

Over the years I dabbled in making various types of sausages, but for the most part I stayed mostly in pork based realm. Even the store bought sausages I ate were mainly pork based. When I started getting a bit older the store bought sausages I loved started giving me heartburn. So began my search into making my own sausages at home that would let me still enjoy sausage without the dreaded heartburn.

After many tests (and more failures than I care to admit) I discovered a recipe that is both easy to make and has the robust flavor we expect from a sausage. Complex flavor, moist and with a slight tang you get form properly aged sausage! I hope you guys enjoy this recipe as much as I did creating it! 🙂

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