Asian Inspired Vegetable Soup

by Trans Chef

I often hear people say our bodies are a temple… But in this fast paced world of go, go, go, my temple starts feeling a bit more like 6 Flags on 4th of July weekend than a holy site of introspection. So I started working on a group of recipes I call restoratives. Contrary to what you may think, restorative food does not have to mean complicated. In fact, a complicated recipe works against the calm inner peace we try to achieve.

To keep it 100% honest, pretty much all of my restorative recipes started out as simple, easy pantry pulls dishes I can make when I’m hungover and/or under the weather. Funny enough I started working on this recipe after a long night of cocktails, and questionable decision making, with friends back in 2013 when I lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This recipe I’m going to share doesn’t really have a name exactly, but for the purpose of this recipe we’ll call it an Asian Inspired Vegetable Soup.

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