Chinese Black Bean Ribs

by Trans Chef

I LOVE DIM SUM (點心, 点心, diǎnxīn, dímsām)! I love it so much in fact that over the years I’ve learned to make quite a few of my favorite dim sum dishes, and make them pretty regularly. (A few times a month if I’m being honest.) I love how the simplest of ingredients can turn into something so complex and mouthwatering that people will drive for hours, spending hundreds of dollars for a meal of it! Not only is dim sum delicious, it’s also a wonderful way to bring friends, family and even strangers together in a way that is sadly missing in today’s fast-paced world.

For those of you who are new to the wonderful world of dim sum, it is basically a huge range of small dishes from China that are typically enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and/or brunch. And when I say huge, I do mean HUGE! I’ve seen reports estimating there are well over 1000 different dim sum dishes just waiting to be prepared and enjoyed. Some date back to between 317 AD – 420 AD (depending on which reference materials you read). While dim sum today is mostly comprised of Cantonese dishes there are in fact many dim sum dishes from other Chinese cuisines. In the decades since it made its way to America, however, dim sum has grown beyond a daytime treat to be a delicious meal we love anytime! (Dim sum in the morning, dim sum in the evening, dim sum at super time! Who doesn’t love a McGuire Sisters joke!)

OK, now that my mouth is watering and stomach growling, let’s move on to the fun part! Let’s prepare and dig in to a steaming plate of Chinese Black Bean Ribs, my style!

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