Braised Beef and Butternut Squash Curry – Multi-Cooker

by Trans Chef

I love curry! They’re amazingly easy to make, packed full of flavor and a great way to please a crowd in a hurry! Truth be told I love curry so much I’ve spent days researching the history of them. #NerdyLikeThat

One of the most surprising things I learned is curry dates back to at least 2000 BC to the ancient Indus Valley Civilizations. (Located in present day Pakistan. Which was part of India at the time.) As they migrated throughout the world the ingredients changed, but they all still use the same basic cooking techniques as they did in ancient times. I’ve wondered if these ancient people ever expected their style of cooking to be eaten by millions the world over?

When I started creating this recipe I had one goal… A quick, versatile dinner even when the idea of cooking makes my soul sad. Don’t have beef and/or butternut squash? Swap them out for chicken thighs and potatoes! Out of frozen vegetables? Use drained, canned vegetables instead! (Just add them at the end and simmer for 5 minutes.) Vegetarian? Swap out the beef for grilled paneer and the beef stock with water. The possibilities are endless and as long as you factor in basic cook times you’re golden!

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