Thai Inspired Baby Back Ribs With a Red Curry Sauce

by Trans Chef

I SHARE YOUR UNDYING LOVE FOR RIBS! Be it the sizzle of the grill or the gentle simmer in a pot, my passion for these delectable delights knows no bounds. In my family, beef ribs were the hearty choice that kept our appetites at bay while being kind to our pockets. However, as time marched on, the winds of change swept through, driven by clever marketing and a heightened awareness of health concerns tied to red meat consumption. Enter pork ribs, now a star attraction and a cherished favorite at BBQ gatherings throughout various regions in the US.

You might be surprised to learn that grilling pork ribs, or any rib meat for that matter, is not a novel idea. The truth reveals a captivating history that dates back thousands of years. From the Paleolithic era, evidence shows that our ancient ancestors savored the succulent joys of ribs. These culinary delights have withstood the test of time, capturing hearts and taste buds throughout generations.

Oh, and let’s talk about my mouthwatering recipe! About 7-8 years ago, I embarked on a mission to create ribs bursting with incredible flavors yet requiring minimal effort. I wanted to spare myself and fellow enthusiasts from endless hours over a hot grill, leaving more time to enjoy the party. (And believe me, avoiding sticky fingers was a welcome bonus!) My creation was a resounding success! These ribs boast divine flavor even without the addition of the red curry and coconut sauce. So if you’re seeking a dish that tantalizes your taste buds with ease, look no further – this is the recipe for you!

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